Personal Obedient Trained Dogs For Sale

Our personal trained dogs are obedient trained with family and work in mind. We are German Shepherd Breeders and all trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and puppies shown in here reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery to the airport of your choice.

If you decide to pick up, several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

*If interested in one of our dogs, please contact David Harris directly at (502)542-9747*

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Very Personal, Personal Protection

It takes a village and it takes time.  We have made the development of personal protection dogs an art form.  It takes excellent breeding.  It takes early, formulaic character development and training.  It takes excellent loving homes and a fun puppy life.  It takes devotion to basic training and impulse control.  It takes confidence building and nurturing of natural instincts.  All of of that has to be happening at the same time for the results to be what you see when you watch the video and finished product called "Onyx von Prufenpuden". 

Prufenpuden Elite Puppy

Along comes a litter of exceptional quality with KNOWN properties that allows us to state with certainty what to expect from their development.  The Z Litter puppies are all exceptional and of those exceptional puppies Zandra stands alone.  She has the temperament and physical qualities that we are looking for when picking a puppy for high level training and development.

What A Beauty!

No mystery about this boy.  He has the looks and he has the brains.  From the amazing "Z" litter which is chock full of super dogs here come Zebulon von Prufenpuden and he sets the bar and standards high. This guy has very real, natural protective skills.  He is ever vigilant and aware of his surroundings.  He bonds quickly to his handlers and takes his protection role seriously. 

Here she is!

If you have been waiting for a Prufenpuden young adult with exceptional beauty, willingness to please and trainability, then your wait is over.  Chloe is an excellent young dog and has everything we hoped for when we breed a litter.  A repeat of our successful D, J and T litters this whole litter (10 puppies) is set to please even the most demanding of homes. 

Babies From The Best of Bloodlines

We have litters of GSD's on the ground now and more coming at about six week intervals.  So, we'll have lots of pups and young started dogs to choose from in 2017!  Many of the litters are REPEATS of previous litters that were very successful.  So we will be able to show you what to expect from your new super dog in training.  It's an amazing opportunity and takes a lot of the guess work out of choosing a puppy for the BAB program. 

Hand selected for working ability along with calm, sweet, loving natures they are the best of the best. $2500 to $5000 is a base price for a weaned puppy from our breeding program. Once training begins the price will go up based on the individual dogs abilities, potential and achievements.  Learn about the "Build A Beast" program and lock a price in now.  Click here.

You can search high and low and you will not find a pedigree more packed with quality working dogs bred exclusely for home and family use. Our primary sire is our own famous Kobe von Prufenpuden who is well known for producing top quality dogs that can not only work at a high level, but are also amazingly gentle and calm in a home environment. We also select other studs that bring exceptional balance to our bloodlines as well.  Talk is cheap.  The Proof is in the Pudding!  Prufenpuden lines ROCK.

Here is some recent Media on our company: Channel 18 News

FromThe Best Comes The Best

Aiden's father is a superstar in the world of working dogs and his mother is one of our top Prufenpuden bitches. So, this breeding was destined for greatness right from the start. We custom trained two brothers from this breeding. Angus and Aiden. Angus is living happily in his home now and Aiden is ready to join yours. He is a very sweet, loyal and loving dog with excellent early training and development.


Watch this baby girl go and let your imagination run wild.  So young and yet so amazingly well trained in early puppy obedience, super clean, housebreaking ahead of schedule, rides perfectly, fun, friendly, loveable and yet a POWERHOUSE in her protective drives. This is one to watch and not to let slip by you.

Kash  (Sold) Kash (Sold)

Knows you or hates you!!!!

Ok, here is the story.  Kash started out just like all of our young dogs.  Happy, sweet, confident.  He has early obedience training and is amazing.  Perfect in a home, excellent in a car.  If he knows you he is great.  If he does not know you he is scared and anti-social.  He will not come towards a stranger and bite, but if pressed by a stranger he could bite if he feels threatened.  He really has a split personality.  He is outgoing and fun with those he knows.  But, just doesn't accept strangers well. 
Ruckus Ruckus

Beautiful Black and Red

Ruckus is a heart stealer and very quickly bonds to those that are in his inner circle.  This young dog is loaded with potential for someone willing to take his intelligence and work forward.  At every challenge that we have presented him with he has stepped up and learned very quickly what is expected of him.  He is very sweet, good natured with other animals and a fun dog to work with.

A sweet soul with a big watch dog bark.  This dog is all heart.  She loves to please and has wonderful manners and a pleasing personality.  She travels wonderfully, is safe, happy and fun.  Great with children and other pets big and small, Nugget has seen it all and has done a lot in her short life.  No environmental issues and no known vices.

  1. The wait is over.  If you have been waiting for the next crop of super Prufenpuden puppies to come along, your wait is over.  The "E" litter is here and they are all amazing.  Eddie is extra amazing and simply BEAUTIFUL inside and out.  A powerful young dog with the best of bloodlines, the best in early training and development and from the best of families.  This young boy has it all to offer and give. 

Jura Jura

Giant Big Boned Beauty!  (Sold)

This young Giant Schnauzer female is amazing.  Fun loving, full of energy and intellegence.  We love her balanced drive in protection and know that as she matures she will most certainly be a force to deal with if you're a bad guy.  She already has a very natural and powerful watch dog nature and that backed with proper socialization, training and prey drive exercise she will be a powerful defender of the family lucky enough to own her.

Geisha (Sold) Geisha (Sold)

All this nice young dog needs is some tender loving care, consistent work and a loving home to see her blosoum into the super dog she was bred to be.  She is the product of two imported parents, titled, trained and super working dogs.  Giesha is slow to mature, but as you can see in her video she has great focus, willingness to please and the attiutde needed to train well.

Check out this pretty boy.

Pretty is as pretty does, and this son of Kobe von Prufenpuden, is a happy, willing to please, social butterfly that has a great foundation of early training and development to get it done. He has some growing up to do and is best suited to do that maturing in a home environment. He is naturally suspicious of strangers and bumps in the night and will mature to be a capable, naturally protective dog with the size and attitude to back up his intent. Arlo has lived successfully in a home, with kids and other pets.

Non-Shedding Super Star

Louis is the type of young dog people are looking for, but rarely find. He is fun, happy, sweet, talented and super smart. Watch his early puppy training videos and you will see that spark I am talking about. He is super in the car, loves to travel, great with kids, cats and small pets. Louis has solid basic obedience manners as well. He is now five months old and has started working very consistently. Heel, auto sit, sit and down stays, come. Easy to brush and groom. Great retriever too!

Up & Coming Super Star!

You missed out on Tori.  Ask about her sisters Nora and Neeka. 

Notorious (Tori) is simply one of the best of a group of VERY nice puppies. She does everything with a dash of flare. Watch her early puppy training videos and you will see what I mean. Fast, fun and in the protection work she is furious! We all love her athletic build and super attitude. She has had extensive socialization and handling. Home raised and professionally trained since weaning. This girl has it all.