Personal Obedient Trained Dogs For Sale

Our personal trained dogs are obedient trained with family and work in mind. We are German Shepherd Breeders and all trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and puppies shown in here reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery to the airport of your choice.

If you decide to pick up, several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

*If interested in one of our dogs, please contact David Harris directly at (502)542-9747*

All Dogs

Prufenpuden Proud

Another super nice young dog out of our Prufenpuden bloodlines. Kobe x Shakira progeny have been our most consistent performers for well over five years. This young girl is no exception. She is sweet natured, gentle, fun to be around, but yet a fierce protection dog that doesn't know fear or back up. This young dog has all the qualities our customers are looking for. Wonderful in the home, wonderful in the car and an all around pleasure to be with.

Lady (Sold) Lady (Sold)

Ever Vigilant!

The Bouvier de Flanders is a breed well known for the loyalty and natural protective abilities. Lady is no exception. Quiet, clean natured, sweet and loving to her family. Not so much to bad guys. She is naturally wary and suspicious of those that she doesn't know. Raised in a loving home with other dogs and small pets. She is a wonderful house dog and equally happy to spend time alone outside. A non-shedding breed, she can be groomed to suit your taste. Keep her skin short or allow her hair to grow out to any length you desire. It's winter in Kentucky, so we have opted to keep her fluffy, but typically we trim her short in the summer.

Pepsi Does It Again! Doesn't get any better than this.

Enzo is fifth generation Prufenpuden Bloodlines and another outstanding son of Pepsi von Prufenpuden.  This is a repeat breeding of a highly successful breeding from last year.  We have sold six of his brothers and sisters from the last breeding and all are doing wonderfully in their homes.  So, this breeding has even more proof in the pudding than most do.  But, Enzo can speak for himself and individually he is an amazing young dog with unlimited potential.  At every request he has stepped up and met the challenge with outstanding courage and drive. (Click on dog name for additional information)

Heavy Load

Tonka is a puppy that shows the type of look and temperament we were hoping for when we made this breeding of Zed to Mimi. You can see video of Zed on our extensive youtube page and might start your search here: Zed BH  We expect Tonka to mature to have the looks, size and temperament of his super sire. The bottom side of this pedigree is equally impressive and runs deep into our Prufenpuden bloodlines. Pedigree is important when looking at a puppy with an eye towards the future.

Power Comes In Small Packages

Fii is a super star and never gives less than 100% effort. Sweet natured, super smart, quick learner and always willing to please. Due to an early leg injury she got behind her training with her siblings, but she is making quick strides now and shows no signs of lameness. Watch her videos and see for yourself that this little girl is special.

Pocket Rocket!!!

Sold and headed to beautiful WY after some additional training. Lucky Dog!

Small but powerful!  Reagan is the smallest of her siblings, but packs a powerful punch.  She lacks nothing in drive for obedience or protection work and her size will be a powerful selling point for those that want a protection dog, but don't have the room for a 75lb dog.  Reagan will mature to be in the 60lb range and have a tight, well built body suited for work and companionship. 

Kabal Kabal

Our Loss...Your Gain

Sold and headed to Sunny California

Kabal is the one that got away.  A beautiful dog, from an outstanding litter, this young dog simply didn't get the training and handling that he needed to move forward as his brothers did. Sold as a puppy, he did not recieve any formal training and did not thrive in the enviornment he was placed into.  At one year of age we took him back into our care and he has moved forward, but just doesn't suit our program, but he is still suited for most homes.  A natural watch dog with excellent nerves and temperment.  This dog is a lover, but has the ability to mature into much more with time and attention.

Leo (Sold) Leo (Sold)


Check out this young Malinois male.  Home raised, super bloodlines, excellent early training, handling and development all combine in this young dog with amazing drive and power for his age.  His obedience is super, he has a great attitude and willingness to please, and he has an easy going attitude to wrap it all up.  He travels perfectly, crates quietly, handles new environments and changes well and is a fun dog to be around.  (Click on dog name for additional information)

Belguian Malinois Super Dog!

There just isn't enough verbiage to tell all the wonderful things there are about Juju. Simply put she is fun! Rarely does a Malinois come along that is so easy to care for, so easy to live with, so willing and happy to please, so precise and accurate in her obedience and yet a serious, serious threat to bad guys. This girl is not playing at the protection game. It is deadly serious to her and yet she is confident and safe out in public and travels easily off leash wherever you might wander.

Looking for a bargain?

Ford is a beautiful GSD and we get compliments from everyone about how handsome he is. He really bonds quickly and calms down quickly in a new home. His basic obedience is good and he is house trained. He eats well and is a very clean dog. He has no issues with the cats and has had experience around young babies where he sits in front of the swing and "guards" them.  

He's A Sleeper and a Keeper!

Keep an eye on this guy. There is a superstar inside this guy waiting to come out. He has the breeding, early training and development to really be a special dog, but his is simply immature as compared to his siblings. Simply put, he needs to grow up and we want him to grow up in your home. Ezio is a super fun guy with great skills. Solid obedience skills. Rides perfect, crates perfect, fine with small dogs and cats.


Excellent parents, wonderful upbringing, natural talent, super socialization and early development.  Lyndon will only get stronger as he matures into the full potential that he now possess. With eight siblings to set the stage and showcase his talents, Lyndon is no slacker.   Good manners, solid basic obedience, growing power in his protection are all wrapped up in a solid frame and good looks. 

Prufen Power!!!

Love and Loyalty all wrapped up with powerful protective ability describes this dog very accurately. He wants ever so badly to have a friend and constant companion to love and protect. He is a people dog and bonds deeply and quickly to his caretaker. But, don't be fooled by his kind nature. This guy is a powerhouse in the protection department and will only improve with age.

Omar Cevaro (Sold) Omar Cevaro (Sold)

Here is something unique. Calm, Crushing Power.

Omar was imported from Czechoslovakia specifically as a personal protection dog and purchased by us to help fill a void in the market.  We had sold out and needed some nice, mature dogs that could handle our advanced training methods and quickly be ready to go into a home to provide security and protection for a family.  Personally selected by me and developed by Aric and Travis, this powerful dog has made quick and steady progress in his social development, control work and overall ability to travel and handle the busy lifestyles of our clients. Not sleeve dependent, powerful, serious edge.

Power In A Small Package!

Myra is a force. If you are looking for a smaller, tightly built, powerhouse of a dog, then this is your dog.  Sweet, happy, obedient, loyal with brains to spare, Myra is a great young dog with the early training and development that backs up her excellent pedigree and is ready to come into your home.

Beautiful Black & Red

Need A Babysitter???

Loves, loves, loves kids. Brahma is a gorgeous young German Shepherd bitch out of two wonderful parents.  Both trained and titled by us and this breeding goes back several generations into our own Prufenpuden bloodlines.  Watch her puppy video and you will see how smart this little girl is and know that she was bred to be trained.  She is living in a home and going to work with her trainer every day.  So, she has extensive travel experience, loves to go and loves to work.  She has had very early exposure to a wide variety of other pets such as cats, small dogs, exotic pets and tame birds. (Click on dog name for additional information)