Personal Obedient Trained Dogs For Sale

Our personal trained dogs are obedient trained with family and work in mind. We are German Shepherd Breeders and all trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and puppies shown in here reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery to the airport of your choice.

If you decide to pick up, several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

*If interested in one of our dogs, please contact David Harris directly at (502)542-9747*

All Dogs

Giant Schnauzer Sweetness

Lark is a sweet natured dog with a natural wariness of strangers that comes commonly with this breed. She has been well raised, handled and developed, but due to an early leg injury she is behind in her development and training. Thus the lower price. We are simply looking for the right home where she can thrive and bloom into the dog her early training and genetics say she will be.

Check This Beauty Out! (Lucky dog. She is headed to AZ)

Beautiful black and red female that is simply a stunner to look at and backs up all those good looks with a winning personality, training and temperament.  A super happy, willing to please dog, excellent pedigree and parents that we trained and titled ourselves.  Travels well, loves people and kids, good with small pets and very naturally alert and protective. 

Super cool.

Here he is, the dog you have been waiting for.  Obedience and protection trained.  Calm and steady.  Great with kids, cats and all types of pets.  NON-Shedding.  Did I mention NON-Shedding? and just a lovely, lovely dog that wants a home so badly he is sure to please. (Click on dog name for additional information)

Something Special.......

Another custom raised Malinois that simply offers the best of both worlds.  He is powerful and precise in his protective ability while maintaining his super sweet and loving personality.  Crunch was raised and professionally trained since weaning, this young dog has amazing training and unlimited upper end potential.  Watch his videos and you will quickly agree that he has already surpassed the level of training most dogs twice his age have obtained.  Another bonus is that he is not hyper like the typical Malinois and has no environmental issues.  He is quiet and calm in the home or car. 

Heart & Courage

Fergus is what other German Shepherd aspire to be.  Loving, loyal, fun, willing to please and a fierce protector of those he loves. Fergus is beauty in motion and a total joy to train. A stand out puppy in a litter full of super dogs. Fergus has never let us down when it comes to his training. He has the ultimate German Shepherd temperament. Hard working, fun, happy, willing to please and always up for a game of fetch.

Hattie Hattie "Sold"

Want Protection? Don't Want Hair?

Then it's time to give a Giant Schnauzer a try.  Traditional Police Dogs in Europe, the Giant Schnauzer has a very long history as an outstanding home, farm and personal protection animal.  Couple their natural protectiveness with super early training and you have a truly wonderful companion animal more than capable of coming to your aid in a time of need.  Hattie has the benefit of excellent breeding, super early training, a wonderful home life, a rich social life and natural intelligence and trainability that sets her at the top of the class. (Click on dog name for additional information)

Lots Of Choices.......

Great news!!!  We have an excellent crop of young, up and coming superstars.  Please visit our youtube page to view some of the super nice young dogs we have in development.  Over 55 dogs not yet listed on the website.  Dobermans, Giant Schnauzers and of course many of the famous "Prufenpuden" German Shepherds up and coming.  Just give us a call or e-mail and we can direct your search towards dogs that might be exactly what you are looking for. To learn more about how we raise our dogs, have a look at our VIDEO BROCHURE.  Learn about the "Build A Beast" Program.  Click Here

Champion Looks/Working Beauty

If you are looking for a powerful protection dog with stunning good looks, then this is your dog. Duke has lived a busy life and is ready to settle down into a home and live the family life. AKC Conformation Champion, Fully Vetted for all known health issue related to the breed. Duke has solid obedience, loves to travel, has flown on a plane and traveled extensively. He has very powerful protection, but you wouldn't know it by watching him easily interact with the people in his life.

OMG! He's amazing.

Super Prufenpuden bloodlines, coupled with great early training and development make for a super nice young male personal protection candidate.  Cooper has it all and will only get better as he matures.  You can clearly see from his early training videos the type of mind this young male possess. He is a powerful working dog with a sweet, sweet nature and a loving demeanor. He wants to protect and to please and best of all he has the mental and physical ability to back up his desires.  (Click on dog name for additional information)
Bentley Bentley

Beautiful Inside and Out

Sold and flying to Montana. Lucky Dog....

Bentley is a three year old Rottweiler male, neutered, working quality dog with excellent manners, off leash obedience skills, loves kids and other animals, great house dog, naturally protective and confident. He is such a fun dog with loads of personality.

Bree-Sold Bree-Sold

Home Raised, Natural Ears

Sold. She wanted to be a Texan too!

Bree is a super sweet Giant Schnauzer that has all the right stuff to be a super personal protection dog as she matures.  Excellent prey drive, natural defense drive all wrapped up in a beautiful form.  Excellent pedigree to back up her extensive socialization, early training and experience.  She is a fun dog that loves to ride, travels well, is good with kids, small dogs and cats.  Watch her puppy training video to get a good feel for her personality.

Colt Colt "Sold"


Colt is the dog people were thinking about when they mentioned that the right dog is a visual deterent.  Colt is a big, powerful, scary looking animal to those who do not know him and the best part is that he can walk the walk and is not just another scary face. To his family he is a sweet Love Bug. His protection is real, powerful and capable.  He has a very natural balance of prey and defense drives that have allowed him to advance to a high level of protection quickly.  His obedience skills are also equal to his protective ability.  He is a fun, safe dog that can easily accompany you about your daily routine.  Go shopping at the mall with you, take the kids to the park or just hang around the house.  As a former show dog and AKC Conformation Champion, he has traveled extensively and has no environmental issues. (Click on dog name for additional information)

A Stunning Beauty That Bites!

A Diamond in the rough.

Stone is a beautiful red sable German Shepherd. He has a great pedigree having been imported inside of his mom after she was bred in Europe. Top working lines. After he was born here in the US he was well raised, but unfortunately he was not well socialized and lacks the well rounded skills that most of the young dogs we develop have. But, to his credit and the credit of his powerful working lines he has made incredible progress in his development and training and will only continue to improve with handling and proper guidance.  (Click his picture or his name for additional information)

Kid Proof

Home raised and professionally trained since weaning this young "N" litter female has stood the test of kid proofing. Having grown up with a very rowdy young boy she has seen it all and takes it all in stride. She manages and very high level of self restraint around children despite the fact that she is one of the highest drive young dogs we have in development. Her mother was called the "Babysitter" because of her natural tendency to watch over the children and to actually herd them away from danger.

Constant Companion

To own a Doberman is to never be alone. They will follow you about your day and be ever mindful of where and what you might be doing. Do not buy a Doberman if you don't want a Velcro dog that sticks with you as you go about your day. Clue is no exception. He is loyal to his owner and wants to be where you are. He has wonderful genetics and had a very happy puppy hood in a loving home. His house manners are impeccable and he is gentle and loving with small pets. He is tolerant of small children, but can live without being mauled by small children. So, he is most suited for home without grabbing hands.

Unique Super Cool

Josie is a one of a kind German Shepherd bitch with exceptional looks, willing attitude and super fun training all wrapped up in her power house body. Amazing early training, home raised since weaning, excellent pedigree, OFA sire and dam, and it just keeps getting better and better. We rarely get plush coated dogs in our breeding, but then came Josie and we all love her unique looks and coat type. But, those good looks would have been a waste if she weren't such a cool working dog as well. And she is.