Personal Obedient Trained Dogs For Sale

Our personal trained dogs are obedient trained with family and work in mind. We are German Shepherd Breeders and all trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and puppies shown in here reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery to the airport of your choice.

If you decide to pick up, several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

*If interested in one of our dogs, please contact David Harris directly at (502)542-9747*

Young Dogs


Adia has it all!  She is fun, steady, happy and confident in her obedience and protection work.  She is a home raised, Prufenpuden bred German Shepherd that has had a wonderful life and it shows in her beautiful body and soul.  Great in the home, travels confidently and is great with other pets.


Take a hard, hard, hard look at this young GSD female and make note.  She has it all going on.  Here is a short list.  Excellent pedigree chock full of amazing, accomplished dogs (the apple doesn't fall far....), perfect upbringing, a loving, kind foster home that takes pride in her and her accomplishments, a proven training system managed by the most skilled, experience trainers in the industry and the Prufenpuden name to back it all up and raise expectations to the next level.

Achilles von Prufen Achilles von Prufen


If you cannot see quality in this young dog then just move along because he is everything you can hope for in a developing GSD.  He has a kind soul, he is stunningly beautiful, he has substance, bone, pigment and balanced drives with the type of nerves that we always hope for in young dogs.  He is in a wonderful foster home and quickly learning how to be part of a family.  Swiming, going out to romp and play, taking long naps and learning the ropes of kids, cats and company.

OMG! She's Beautiful!

When Prufenpuden Kennels turned their hand to breeding Giant Schnauzers they really had temperment in mind, but in this case we were very pleased to have gotten both a beautiful mind and a beautiful body to go along with it.  And at only sixteen months she will just get better with maturity.  We love this girl.  She is happy, willing, smart and fun.  A true pleasure to be with, to go places with and to just be a friend.  There is only one down side to have a dog this beautiful and that is you'll be the center of attention wherever you go.

Wow! What A Puppy!

Hand selected from the best of breeding just for the BAB program, this puppy has it all.  Excellent looks, a beautiful coat, wonderful personality and drive for the work.  Elara has everything we look for in a Giant Schnauzer puppy, but rarely find.  She is in a wonderful puppy raiser foster home, loves to travel, crates well and is learning very rapidly as you can see from her videos. 

Stunning! Sweet! Steady!

Get ready to get a lot of attention if you buy a dog like Killian.  He is an eye catcher and a crowd pleaser.  Everywhere we take him, his unique looks and super steady temperament draws lots of attention.  Obedient, willing and steady are words easily applied this this beautiful German Shepherd.  A very easy dog to live with and a fun dog to work with.  Killian is a sure to please, provide comfort and calm assured protection to you and your family.

Family Dog

All of our Prufenpuden German Shepherds are home raised and well socialized with other pets and children, but Don has gotten a special place in our heart and in the hearts of his foster family.  He is an old soul with a super sweet, happy demeanor that just makes him the perfect companion for the busy family on the go.  Please take the time to watch his extensive video library.  He has been living in a home since he was six weeks old and getting professional training all of his life. 

Black Beauty!!!

One cannot say enough good things about Captain to do him justice.  He has an amazing pedigree that leads him directly towards his stunning good lucks and phenomenal temperament for work and play.  He has had all the benefits that life can offer.  Early training and development, a wonderful home life with other pets and people to interact with, and a busy social life.  He has traveled extensively and has had a very WIDE variety of activities to keep him busy.

Athletic Fun!

Roma is a mature two year old Doberman Female.  Super obedience, powerhouse protection and fun, fun, fun.  The entertainment value of owning a Doberman can never be underestimated, but the bad guy that underestimates her resolve and ability to protect the ones she loves would come up on the short end of her powerful grips.  Roma is sweet but her protective ability is real.

Huggable Protection!

Finn is all that and a bag of chips.  It took ten years of selective breeding, training and development to come up with the exact formula that produced this amazing young Doberman.  Finn is a beautiful specimen of the breed, comes from amazing bloodlines and has been raised in the most progressive and forward thinking ways to produce a beautiful dog, with superior temperament for the home, family and business.  Finn is everything a person could ask from a Doberman.

The Beauty & The Beast

Inside and out, this young Prufenpuden superstar is beautiful any way that you want to look at it.  He has a wonderful temperament suitable for any type of lifestyle or living arrangement.  He has the looks and body type to garner attention everywhere you go and he has the mental and physical toughness to be a true working companion and family protection dog.  Vlad has it all.


Search high and low for a super Giant Schnauzer and you won't find better than our boy Schnapps.  He is the perfect combination of "The Beauty" and "The Beast".  He is a very handsome boy (even with one floppy ear),  well put together with a beautiful coat type.  He is mentally and physcially tough and has excellent drive for the type of work we do in our program.  Demand for dog like Schnapps is very high and supply is very low.


I am regularly asked if we will develop dogs from outside of our program.  The answer is YES.  We are a very diverse training group with deep experience with ALL breeds.  If you would like to discuss your training needs with an existing dog you already own, just give us a call.  502-542-9747 and talk with David.  If you are interested in having us help you find and develop a breed that we currently do not offer for sale then just give us a call.  We will happily discuss the pro's and con's of all the breeds available and help you find, select and customize the training to insure the maximum success that each breed has to offer. 

Build A Beast!

Ten Beautiful Puppies Born 04-14-17

Females $4000 & Males $5500

You have been wanting a fully trained, home raised, professionally trained Giant Schnauzer.  You have searched high and low and you cannot find one?  Now you have the chance to not only get the dog of your dreams, but be able to make payments towards that super dog instead of one lump payment.  You cannot go wrong with the BAB.  We have raised, trained and delivered BAB dogs all over the world.  The "Proof is in the Pudding" and we know how to cook.


You missed out on a great one.  Good news.  We are making more.  Get in line now not to miss out again.

We never expected to be blessed with another litter of puppies like our very, very, very famous "2014 F Litter" but low and behold if Vegas ( mom) and Razoz (dad) did repeat this breeding almost exactly two years later.  Our "2016 F Litter" Dobermans are here and training has already started in earnist. Siblings Falon, Flint & Finn all sold or are selling in the $70,000 price range at two years of age.  Our new litter of F pups, Fenick, Falcon, Flex, Fern & Fame are sure to please.  Buy now and LOCK DOWN the price.  Get the details on the BAB program right HERE


So you want a Giant Schnauzer?  Low shedding, great looks, loyal personality, naturally protective.  Yep, Helo has all that and more.  A beautiful puppy, extremely well bred from top lines in the US of A with all the bells and whistles to add to his charm.  This boy has the looks and the drive to do the job.  Many times when we get these puppies with such amazing looks they lack the drive for the work.  Not this guy.