Black German Shepherd Puppy

  • A picture of a dog
A picture of a dog
  1. Kobra von Prufenpuden
  2. September 21, 2011
  3. $9,500.00
  4. Purchased by a wonderful central Kentucky family of five.  Your a lucky dog Kobra.

    Don't let this one slip past you.  He will sell fast.

    Kobra is the very last available progeny from what is arguably one of the best breeding we have ever done in twenty-five years.

    This super young son of Kobe von Prufenpuden is out of the best working lines in the world, this young male German Shepherd has unlimited potential and is suitable of ANY task that is laid before him.

This super young offspring of Kobe x Shakira is yet another fine example of the type of puppy we are developing here at Protection Dog Sales. Confident, outgoing, happy, courageous and driven are all words that just begin to describe the potential this young dog has. He is home raised and has been exposed to every type of environmental stimulus we can think of. He has logged hundreds of miles travel time, goes to work everyday and has extensive obedience training using advanced shaping methods. He has amazing puppy obedience and learns new behaviors very quickly. Great with children and small dogs and has been exposed to cats and pet birds as well. He knows many fun tricks as well and the list grows everyday. Roll over, bark on command, shake and high five's and just some of the fun stuff the puppy has already mastered.

Additionally, Kobra is way head of other dogs his age in his training and development.  See his updated videos in both obedience and protection.  He is doing work that would stress dogs twice his age.  

Call us for additional details and we'll see if this dog suits your needs.

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