German Shepherd Puppy Male Trained Protection Canidate

  • A picture of a dog
A picture of a dog
  1. Bane von Prufenpuden
  2. June 21, 2012
  3. $5,500.00
  4. Sold and headed to New Mexico after completing some additional training.

    Amazing Potential!

    This young German Shepherd male has everything you need to move forward and develop and first class personal protection/companion/family dog.  He has a calm, kind, willing to please temperment, mental and physical toughness, the breeding and the upbringing to be all that and more.  The sky is the limit for young dogs like Bane.

A true pleasure to work with and train, you will find yourself looking forward to working with this super nice young male.  Each miestone you place in front of him he easily steps up to the challenge.  He loves to work and loves to be worked with.

Bane is good with other animals, dogs, cats and small pets.  Fun with children and loves to travel.  He is a clean natured dog and has very good manners overall for his age and development.  Watch his videos and give us a call for additional information about Bane.  He just may be the exact dog you are looking for.   Ask for David @ 502-542-9757

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