Black and Red German Shepherd Young Adult Obedience and Protection Trained

  • A picture of a dog
A picture of a dog
  1. Abraham von Prufenpuden
  2. September 07, 2012
  3. $7,500.00
  4. He's a looker!

    Sold. Lucky Dog....He'll be staying for additional training before going to his new home.

    This handsome young German Shepherd dog is the complete package. Looks, excellent pedigree, super upbringing, working brothers from a previous litter, solid early training, home raising and an excellent, willing to working personality to add to the mix.

Abraham has brains. Watch his puppy training video and you will see his intellegence shining out of his dark eyes. He has great focus, learns new behaviors very quickly and loves to be challenged. He has ridden extensive, goes to work with his puppy raiser, and has been extensively socialized in ways that most puppies can only dream of. This dog has amazing early upbring and the sky is the limit when it comes to his potential. Check our SOLD page and you'll see that young dogs like this do not stay for sale long. Don't miss your chance to have a beautiful young German Shepherd in your home. Additional training can be purchased as well. So, if you're wanting a dog fitting this dogs description, but want a dog with more development, don't wait, buy him now and leave him with us for additional work. Or bring him home now and we'll support you in developing him yourself. It's a win, win. Call and ask for David 502-542-9747

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