Rent bark collars, rent shock collars

At Animal Resorts you can rent a collar or containment system to see for yourself how easy it is to get control over your dog in a short period of time without changing it's personality.

  • The fee for renting a bark collar is $20. per week.
  • The fee for renting a remote training collar is $25. per week.
  • The fee for renting a containment system is $30. per week.
  • The Remote Training Collar we rent is the SD-100A by Innotek.
  • The Bark Collars we rent are the BC-100 and the BC-200 by Innotek.

Customers rent collars to train things, like quit barking, no jumping on people, leave cats alone, stay out of the trash, leave "people" things alone, come when called, stay off of furniture, aggression toward other animals, chasing cars, fence jumping, and more.

Why buy when you can Rent dog training equipment

All you need to rent a collar is to have a valid Kentucky drivers license and a Major Credit Card. We Do Not charge your credit card while you are renting the collar. The card is used only if you do not return the collar. You can pay your rental fees with cash, check, or credit card. NO rental fees apply toward purchase. You must return the collar or system in the condition you received it in.

Contact an Animal Resorts trainer today and see if this option would be appropriate for you and your companion.