Pet Grooming in Goshen Kentucky


Animal Resorts offers full service pet grooming as it always has in the past. Our new facility has two full service animal grooming stations. Pet Grooming just goes hand in hand with a dog boarding service, as we do suggest if you board, to also schedule a grooming on the day of pickup. This allows your dog the freedom to have fun with other dogs playing while they visit.

When building our new facility we also took into consideration the fact that there are customers that enjoy giving their pets a bath but they really did not want the mess at home. We solved this problem by offering a new self-service pet grooming stations for our customers. No more bending over to groom your dog or cat in our new raised bathtubs. Take the time to read about our self-service pet and animal grooming.

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Our Self Service Dog Wash

Basically a professionally equipped environment for you to wash your dog. You are provided with shampoo, conditioner, grooming brush of your choice, and a towel. Each station is equipped with a waist high wash tub, no bending over, aprons, and other bath aids. Also included is the use of grooming tables, dryers, and nail clippers. You always have a helpful and respectful staff for any help or questions. Best of all, we clean up the mess!!

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