Personal dog trainers in Kentucky

Pet training classes in Goshen Kentucky

Puppy training classes - Kindergarten (off-leash without distractions)

In this class we will help you develop a happy dog while we teach you techniques that will encourage good behaviors. At this stage in the game learning behaviors is crucial to the proper development of a well rounded dog

  1. Utilizes the most modern shaping techniques to teach the dog what good behaviors are expected of them
  2. Helps develop a happy dog with an attitude of willingness to please.
  3. Develops communication and motivation
  4. The more a puppy learns, the more it CAN learn.
  5. Work with select behaviors that emphasize your dog's natural talents.
  6. Teaches behaviors such as : focus, come, sit, down, stay, roll-over, shake, bark on command, sit-up, high fives, and other behaviors requested.

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Pet behavior problem solving training classes

Our pet trainers here in Goshen Kentucky can help both owner and animal over come unruly behavioral problems. Dose your dog have any of these bad habit tendencies? Schedule a training class today, and lets get both pet and owner happy.

  • Bad on Leash
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Unruly Behavior
  • House Soiling
  • Chews
  • Runs Away
  • Digs
  • Jumps Up
  • No Obey
  • Barks
  • Fear Issues
  • Bites
  • Fights

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Dog Training and Basic Obedience classes

In this pet training class we will introduce some basic obedience commands so your dog will be on the road to having good manners for years to come. We will help you build the foundations of good communication, mutual trust, respect and a understanding with your dog while using techniques that are fair, fun, easy and effective.

  • Starts the process of training your dog to perform learned behaviors with reliable and consistent performance.
  • Works with behaviors such as: focus under distraction, heeling, automatic sit from a heel position, sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, go-to-bed exercises, come (recall), and other specific behaviors requested by the owner.

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Dog Training Advanced Obedience (off-leash with distractions)

In this class we will continue to shape the basics while pushing and encouraging higher performance. Learning obedience off leash is key to happy owner and a healthy dog. It is also the beginning of CD titles.

  • Furthers the consistency of your dog's performance by utilizing positive reinforcement methods on a high level of variable schedule of reinforcement, with the traditional philosophy of a self-limiting barrier.
  • Obedience control without the necessity of a leash or training collar.
  • Prepares the dog to complete the prerequisites of a CD title.
  • Works with behaviors such as: off-leash recall, heeling, automatic sit, sit-stay, down-stay, finish (return to heel), stand for examination, drop on recall, proofing of all behaviors.

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Pet Protection Training Classes in Kentucky

In this class our main goal will be to provide you with not only a solid obedient and social dog, but also a guard dog that will be loyal, willing to please and a fun dog that will become not just a a part of the family, but a protector and best friend to you and your family

  • Through proper evaluation and training, certain dogs can have their natural instincts enhanced so as to be a valuable asset in their ability to guard their owner and/or their owner's property.
  • This training is designed to develop the dog's natural abilities to protect, all the while raising the dog's confidence and teaching discrimination.
  • Prerequisite to protection training is a proper temperament evaluation, proper socialization, and basic obedience training. No fearful, vicious, shy, or unruly dogs will be enrolled in these classes.

Levels Include

  • Confidence Course - introduces the dog to the concept of protection work, starts proper bite development, and bolsters dog's confidence to bark and be a natural protector.
  • Personal Protection - introduces the dog to more realistic situations and threats that may occur in real life, as well as furthers bite development, courage, and control.
  • Advanced Protection - this level is handled on an individual basis. Your dog's stability, control, and owner-needs will be the determining factors in mapping out advanced.

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Schutzhund Training Classes in Kentucky

The ultimate in canine protection dog sports, this combines the discipline of obedience with tracking and protection training in what many people consider the most comprehensive test available

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AKC Competition Training Classes in Kentucky

Animal Resorts and Training Center offers you and your pet a competitive advantage when working towards AKC competition titles.

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  • Conformation - Is your pet the ideal example of the American Kennel Club standard?
  • Obedience - CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), UD (Utility dog) titles. Can your dog be an OTCh (Obedience Trial Champion)? Let our trainers put your dog on the right path to fulfill his/her champion potential.
  • Tracking - Competition tracking is a fun and rewarding activity that only demands patience, practice, perseverance, and a small amount of physical fitness for you and your pet.
  • Field Trial - All hunting, retrieving, pointing dogs start with a solid foundation of obedience training. With the hunting or field trial dog, care must be taken so as not to dampen the dog's natural motivation or hunting instincts with overly harsh methods of obedience training not designed to be used with hunting breeds.